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Synodic Space Labs Private Limited focuses on three different departments namely:
Firstly, we focus on research, design, and development of a stellar space settlement system. Importantly, it would be able to inhabit around 12500 people simultaneously. However, with extremely capable technologies to travel across universe, the settlement will be completely self-sustainable. Moreover,  the supply of resources would be done through the process of asteroid mining and comet captures.
Secondly, the drone technology department focuses on development of proprietary technology for multiple functionality drones for both civil and military purposes. Moreover, it focuses on the design of anti-drone technology for safe-guarding country’s airspace.
Thirdly, we also focus on making space education available to all. Certainly in India, space education aka rocket science is considered to be one of the most difficult topics to study. Therefore, we at Synodic work in order to remove this thought from people’s mind and make resources and knowledge easily accessible to all through online courses, events, webinars, seminars, competitions, workshops etc.

Our Partners

AAKA Space Studio
Society for Space Education, Research and Development

Our Team

Dr. Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi

Expert Advisor

Prakhar Jain

Chief Executive Officer